‘Aamir’ is a film about a guy named ‘Aamir’.Aamir is choosen by a terrorist organisation to blow a bomb in the Mumbai city.Aamir has been choosen by the organization because he is a muslim and the film is about how the events take place on that day.

Aamir is a very good film.It is well directed and well written too.Aamir does touch some sensitive issues on terrorism,but on the whole i am dissapointed with the story.Raj Kumar Gupta had a very good chance of making one of the best films of 2008but he lost it, the story could have been much intresting but the director failed to enhance script

The direction is very good,but some points are missing in the film.There was a very good chance of educating the people on the real facts of terrorism,but Raj Kumar Gupta restricted himself to very few issues and the climax was really a big dissapointmentfor me.

I am not against sad endings but Aamir deserved a happy ending because you need to send a message with this film.The director was probably under the impression that only films with sad endings are considered to be thought provoking.

I would have given ‘Aamir’ 4 stars but the climax and some missed issues in the film make me give 3 stars to Aamir.A film which is definetely worth watching.


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