Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Don’ was madeinto Telugu and Tamil by legends N.T.Rama Rao and Rajni Kanth, recently it was again made in Tamil by Ajith as ‘Billa’ and now in telugu we see it again as BILLA starring Prabhas. From the above mentioned facts it’s clear that the script of DON by ‘Salim-Javed’ doesn’t grow by time and is acceptable by any generation.

Prabhas looks apt for the role of a Don in BILLA and the only one in Telugu Film Industry who can this role. Looks like Meher Ramesh is inspired by Farhan Akthar’s DON rather than original one. Most of BILLA is directed in Malaysia and many scenes are quite similar to Farhan Akthar’s DON.

We have an introduction scene of Prabhas where he carries a suitcase which is in slow motion, even after the introduction scene we see many slow motion scenes and the adjective behind them is quite understandable. Prabhas(Billa) is very fond of Sun Glasses and always likes to wear them and if he doesn’t have one, he picks it from his body guard. The six-pack body of Prabhas is illustrated in the film and even during the six pack scene we see sun glasses on Prabhas eyes. 

In Billa we can watch many Mirrors being broken, lot of bullets being shot and only one hits the target, Cars being blown up and fly into the air, Polices bikes and Cars perform Circus stunts, small exhibition of guns ,A Ferrari is thrown into a lake , etc…

Prabhas who carried some flavor of originality in his previous film ‘Bujjigadu’ does try to make his impression and succeeds in making it but it’s the character and the slang of ‘Bujjigadu’ helps him rather than the character of Billa. Meher Ramesh added some comedy in the film and Prabhas is very good at the execution of the comedy which is some sought of relief. Krishnam Raju makes an OK kind of justification to his role as a police officer and the twists in the film are not hidden very well.

The plot and the characters are well known and the direction of Meher Ramesh is mediocre as he could not totally understand the essence of Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Don’. The fights do not come at the right time and are tedious and the songs are just a vanilla flavor addition to the film. The music of Mani Sharma is disappointing. Namita and Anushka are character fillers and surprisingly we see Prabhas taking about the excess weight of Namita in the film.

There are two very good and genuine scenes in BILLA apart from that BILLA is an average film, the one guy who gains from BILLA is Prabhas for his comic sense and he is only one who can fit into the character.

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