Basically an Introvert.A typical telugu guy when it comes to my Academics. Completed my Computer Engineering .A total movie buff trying to explore the world called “Cinema”.I have started this blog in aim to provide my articles and reviews on films.I am big fan of
Ingmar Bergman’s Honesty,
Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense,
Kubrick’s Mircroscopic nature,
Kurosowa’s Swords,
Orson Welles Extrusion,
Martin Scorsese’s Imagination,
Charlie Chaplin’s comedy,
Billy Wilder’s writings,
Frank Capra’s Sensibility,
Sergio Leone;s Guns & Bullets,
Berenardo Berollucci’s Audacity,
Woody Allen’s Sarcasm,
Pedro Almodóvar’s taking,
Wong Kar-Wai’s Style,
Coen Brother’s variability,
Quentin Tarantino’s Blood,
Christopher Nolan’s experiments,
Krzysztof Kieślowski’s Drama,
Guillermo del Toro’s Fantasy,
K.Vishwanath’s Art and
Satyajit Ray’s view towards LIFE.
I don’t know what made you read my profile,but anyway THANKS. Reach me at or


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