Alfred Hitchcock is known for his memorable films and also due to his memorable scenes which he has shown to the World.Here i am listing the 10 most memorable scenes of Alfred Hitchcock.

10. Strangers on a Train

The Scene in which Robert Walker sub-consciously tries to Strangles Mrs. Cunningham in the party.The scenes is embedded with ominous personality of ‘Bruno Anthony’,the scene starts with the discussion about Murder and ends by Bruno Anthony falling unconscious .The
construction of this scene is amazing as he involves all the pivotal characters of the film.

9.Shadow of Doubt.

Apart from being Hitchcock’s favorite movie,this film is known for the brilliant portrayal of love shown between ‘Charlie’ and her Uncle.The climax scene in which ‘Joseph Cotton’ tries to kill her Neice(Charlie) is something which will be remembered for the relationship which both
the charlie’s share.


Psycho is filled with memorable scenes and one of them is the scene in which the Detective Milton Arbogast (Martin Balsam) is killed.This scene is aided with the unforgettable background score by Bernard Hermann.The most important thing which we need to recognize is the technology used in the scene.After Milton Arbogast is stabbed he is pushed backwards down the stairs,there the background(stairs) and the movement of Martin Balsam are directed separately.

7.Rear Window

The whole film takes place in a Apartment.The most memorable scene in the film is at the end when Raymond Burr enters James Stewart’s appartment then James Stewart tries to stop him by using the flash.Eventually Stewart falls from his apartment window.

6.The Birds

The last scene of ‘The Birds’ is the most silent thrilling scene directed by Hitchcock.Like many others at the first look i was dissapointed by the ending but it took some real contemplation for me to understand the greatness of The Birds.


Vertigo which is one of the greatest suspense thriller and the most memorable scene is the last scene in which Kim Novak falls from the tower.This is one of the most tragic ending i have ever scene in a Hitchcock film.

4.Torn Curtain

The scene in which Paul Newman tries to kill a German police officer with the help of another women.This scene does not have any background score and hitchcock deliberately prolongs it to show that what it takes to kill a human being.The scene makes the audience think that killing is not as easy as many of us think.

3.North by Northwest

The scene in which Cary Grant encounters a ‘Crop Duster’.Though there is less logic involved in the scene,it the greatness of Hitchcock who had made it a iconic scene.


Notorious is One of the underrated film of Hitchcock,underrated in the sense that people remember it for the beauty of Ingrid Bergman and chemistry between Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman.Notorious is one of the film which teaches and demonstrates many things to filmmakers, critics,etc..The last scene of Notorious is one of the best and clever scenes i have seen in a Hitchcock film.

Cary Grant decides to save Ingrid Bergman from Claude Rains,he enters Ingrid Bergman’s room expresses his love for her,he comes to know that she is poisoned and he has to take her out of the house.The whole scene can be said as a masterpiece of editing and a clever written scene.He uses 57 shots for a 2 minute scene.Hitchcock cuts the beetween Cary Grant,Ingrid Bergman,Claude Rains,Claude Raisn mother and of course the Nazi spies.All this happens when Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman are descending the stairs.


I dont think any other scene apart from ‘Shower Scene’could make a impact on the audience.The greatness of this scene is that by using the very small cuts and extreme close ups with an terrifying background score it scares the hell out of the audience.‘Shower scene’ was shot for 7 days and the Choclate was used to represent blood.

I might have missed many other scenes,please add your ‘Suggestions’ and scenes which i have missed in the ‘Comments’.

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