Why does the contemporary youth of India love Dev.D?

In Notting Hill (1999) Julia Roberts asks Hugh Grant “What is it about men and nudity, huh?” .Well…there is hardly any relation between ‘Notting Hill’ and ‘Dev.D. ‘Why does the contemporary youth of India love Dev.D? It’s an easy and tough question, depends how we perceive it.

The novel which made ‘Dilip Kumar’ a big hero and has shown ‘Akkineni Nageshwara Rao’ an illustrious career, supported ‘Shah Rukh Khan’s’ rejuvenation, is now helping Abhay Deol and Independent Cinema of India. The film starts with a beautiful scene between young Dev and Paro where we are provided with a hint for their characters. Dev (The Dude) leaves for London for his studies but still maintains his love with Paro (Chhamak Challo). Anurag Kashyap doesn’t waste any time in conveying his idea on ‘Devdas’, in the first few minutes of the film itself we are shown Dev asking Paro ‘Do you touch yourself?’ and after that we are again looking at an unusual scene in which Paro faces some trouble getting her photo scanned which she at last sends it to Dev and Dev says “Paro mein a raha hoon”.

The scene in which Paro takes a mattress into a sugarcane field in the early morning so that she can have a good time with Dev, but Dev refuses and we see how her hopes and dreams are shattered and later she shows her frustration on the water pump symbolically, this is one of the best scenes in the film and many might see it with a obvious angle but for me it shows the true love of Paro towards Dev and at what level she has imagined Dev all these years.

The character of ‘Chanda’ is totally different when compared toother films on ‘Devdas’. It’s a character which cannot be easily digested by everyone. A College girl turned into a prostitute with a sad background attached to it. This Chanda is an ultra modern prostitute where she has sex chat on phone with her linguistic skills, rides a bike; the brothel house accepts credit cards and some of the visitors even carry the HIV test results. 

We see neon lights, Vodka, smoke, bizarre paintings, etc…; Anurag Kashyap breaks all the stereo types’ rules of Bollywood and makes his own film without compromising on many issues. The characters in the film are well written, one may or may not attach themselves with the characters but the way they have been treated is compelling. Amit Trivedi soundtrack and background music is amazing, the composition of every song is different and makes us sing while it’s being played in the film. We even see three balladers dancing in the club for the song ‘O Pardesi’ which is one of my favorite song it starts with the strings of Veena (or Sitar??).

The first half makes a very good impression because of its characters and its unimaginable imagination of Anurag Kashyap. The second half of the film is slightly deviated and could not make a perfect contact with me. It looks like its flirting with its logic and emotions without seriously thinking of evolving out of itself from the first half. The second half lacks the basic eccentricity of the first half but it does not totally disappoint me. The clairvoyance of the viewer gets a beating when Paro visits the room of Dev, if I am not wrong everyone might be thinking of something to happen but eventually turns out to be the other way. The most charming scene of the film for me is when Dev says to Chanda ‘I Love you too you know’ and Chanda says ‘You are such a slut’.

Anurag Kashyap makes Dev.D a special film with in its own limits. The treatment of characters by Anurag Kashyap is filled with honesty. I did not find any compromise formulae for the treatment of characters. Every character has the right to do anything on the screen. The audacity of Anurag Kashyap can be seen very clearly with his wildest and tricky imagination which pulls us into the state of continuous ponder.The film is narrated with the help of songs which is untypical in Bollywood, actually the songs fast forward the film up to 10 minutes. I would remember Dev.D for Anurag Kashyap’s honesty and audacity.

Dev.D is loved by many people, but Gulzar sir gives his point of view about why Dev.D is liked by many of us.How many of us really like or love Dev.D for that reason is an interesting question.


Whenever i watch a movie with my friends in a DVD player,laptop or in a PC something intresting comes for us to discuss as we have the liberty to pause while watching the movie,the discussions which we have range from casual conversations to high degree altercations.Sometimes i wonder,how many interjections and perceptions can be drawn from a single movie.

Yesterday i was watching a Telugu film BOMMARILLU with some of my friends and one of them was a Bengali who hardly speaks telugu,after watching he said that to me “the best film i have seen in the recent past”.BOMMARILLU without any doubt breaks the boundary of language .In this article i am not writing a review of BOMMARILLU instead i am trying to point some unfortunate side effects of the film.Curiosity in me asked to search articles on BOMMARILLU in PFC and surprisingly i did not find any article and my thought of writing an article on BOMMARILLU started to take a shape.BOMMARILLU lovers may hate this article,if you guys feel that you might be offended then DO NOT PROCEED.

Every telugu guy and girl LOVE BOMMARILLU and its very much possible that most of the parents HATE BOMMARILLU for obvious reasons.The heart and core of BOMMARILLU is the relationship between a father and his son played Prakash Raj (Aravind) and Siddharth Narayan (Siddu) respectively,Genelia D’Souza (Hasini) plays the love interest of Siddu.

The character ‘Siddu’ looks slightly complicated when we observe it meticulously but trying to understand the directors point of view is very important,Siddu is provided with all the resources but at the cost of his fathers taste.As we see in the film that every decision,even the decision of his marriage is taken by his father.and as Siddu does not have the freedom of expression he is obviously not happy happy with his father but he does not hate his father because Siddu is aware of the fact that even though he is not allowed to chose anything in his life but his father is trying to give him the best without considering his son’s opinions.Apart from the fear which he has towards his father,Siddu has the audacity in him to tell his father about his girl friend and eventually makes her stay in his house for one week and Siddu is concious that he is engaged to another girl.Siddu could have eloped with Hasini but he didn’t because he has some amount of confidence somewhere in his heart and some RESPECT towards his father.

The character ‘Hasini’ which is loved and adored by almost everyone who have seen BOMMARILLU and it is not as simple as it seems to be. Hasini is a Happy-go-Lucky girl and likes to mingle with everyone.The greatest ingredient which Hasini possess is Innocence which has been wonderfully played by Genelia D’Souza.When Hasini comes to know that Siddu is engaged to another women she does not accept him directly but instead she has her own doubts in her mind about Siddu and when she is aware of the fact that Siddu is not accepting her as she used to be in the later part of the film she very explicitly and painfully rejects Siddu , Hasini is not only innocent but an Intelligent girl too and takes the right decisions at the right time.Innocence does not strictly mean that its the hybrid of childish and cool nature.Hasini is not a DUMB girl in BOMMARILLU ,but a girl who likes to her herself who does not want to be a artificial girl.

Both ‘Hasini’ and ‘Siddu’ respect their fathers and are very aware and concious of the situations.


Side Effects on BOYS:
# Eight out of Ten (8 out of 10) guys say that their father is like Prakash Raj (Aravind) which i don’t think its true.
# If a guy is not provided with a bike he tells his friends that his father is like Prakash Raj (Aravind).
# If a father asks his son to join a job rather than studying M.S in U.S.A he accuses him to be BOMMARILLU father without even thinking of the financial situation.

Side Effects on GIRLS:
# Most of the girls after watching BOMMARILLU are trying to wear the same type of costumes,bands,etc… like Hasini , which makes me feel ‘how can these girls have such a bad dressing sense’.
# Some girls who hardly used to talk have started talking a lot.Sometimes i wonder ‘What the hell is she talking?’
# Some girls are trying to exude innocence which they don’t have and they make fool of themselves.
# ‘Hasini’ likes to be natural and hates to be artificial,but most of the girls are leaving their natural presence and are trying to be artificial by emulating ‘Hasini’.Whenever i see such a women i feel that ‘Why is she making a JACKASS of herself’?.

Even after almost 1000 days of its release,the film BOMMARILLU makes me feel that it is released yesterday .Many say that script is the real hero for a successful film,in BOMMARILLU apart from the wonderful script we feel the freshness in the narration and direction.The honesty in the film is also an important aspect as it touches all the emotional structures of a family and an individual without any compromise formula.After BOMMARILLU got released in telugu it was made in Tamil,Bengali and Oriya due to my convictions i did not watch any of the other versions and i am now eagerly waiting to watch it as ‘It’s My Life’ starring ‘Harman Baweja’ and ‘Genelia D’Souza’.

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Does a man’s philosophical perspective change with time?Does a man’s convictions change with time?Does a man’s view towards a piece of art change with time?.. for all the above questions my answer would be YES because few days ago i watched Shyam Benegal’s BHUMIKA for the second time,the first time i watched it was a couple of years ago when i was in my third year of engineering when i was watching it for the second time i could not resist myself from viewing every scene with a microscopic eye.The first time was a good watch with the sense of feelings of diversion from the mainstream cinema,a wonderful and screenplay,remarkable performances and good direction.The second time was a little different ,the shots and scenes are like bubbles in a hot water which just come for few moments and vanish before the other ones are ready to come .

BHUMIKA is a story about a film actress who undergoes through various stages and various situations in her life which have been challenging throughout her life.The untypical narration of the film which moves to and fro with the flashbacks and the present and the thought provoking screenplay makes BHUMIKA a masterpiece.Instead of writing the plot and my views on it i would rather go by few moments,resemblance, symbolism and characters of the film that made me feel BHUMIKA a distinct film of the 1970’s-1990’s era.

The film starts by shooting of a song which stars Usha (Smita Patil) and after the shooting she waits for her car but eventually Usha gets into Rajan’s (Anant Nag) car and after that we see a movie poster ‘Agni Pariksha’ being moved by some men which hints us at the life of Usha.The film title is used in many instances of the film.The next scene in which we see Keshav Darvi (Amol Palekar) and Usha arguing on some issue and we hear the dialouge from Usha

“Meri Kamayi ki zarrorat hai isi liye hain na?”.

After this dialogue i was expecting a slap from Keshav Darvi instead he lights a cigarette with a furious look and continues his dialogue.In the next scene Benegal at a time involves 4 characters Usha,Usha’s Daughter,Usha’s Mother and Keshav demonstrating encapsulation and capturing the emotions and feelings of all the characters within less time.If the previous mentioned scene was to be directed by a normal mainstream director he would have perhaps made Usha meet every character then show her emotions and then leave the house.

In the flashback which is in Black and White where Ushas mother beats Usha for being rude and after that to show the love between the Mother and Daughter he uses only one scene in which Usha comes towards her mother and sleeps beside her.Shyam Benegal infuses some humor and comedy too,the scene where Usha goes near her grandmother and test her breathe whether she is alive or dead.The scene in which the heroine of the film tells that she has been selected and leaves in her car the next scene is the car scene in which Usha leaves the house.

To show the relationship between Usha and Rajan Benegal uses very smart visuals like the shooting a sword fight scene in which Rajan refers to the character as Usha and the portrait of Rajan and Usha hanging on a wall,throughout the film we hardly find any desperate dialogues between the characters.The screenplay is built in such a way that the viewer unconsciously gets into the mood of the characters.

Sunil Verma (Naseeruddin Shah) and Usha (Smita Patil) :

Sunil Verma is the most distinctive role played by Naseeruddin Shah.Sunil Verma is a film director who does not believe in Emotional and Sentimental issues, he sees life as a job and nothing else.The most interesting dialogues come through Sunil Verma’s tongue,when he uses his daughters death as a excuse to not to play HOLI which actually uses it as a trick.He feels that Reincarnation,soul,etc… are bullshit.

“Apne is desh mein dimak se koi sochta nahin hain,Dil se sochte hai sab.”

“Haqeeqat ko nazar andaaz karna hum logo ki qasiyat hai Usse bhi mann nahi bahla to Aatma.Punar Janm ki baton se mann behlayenga”.

“Accident mein marna mujhe pasand nahin hai,mein maroonga to khud kushi karke,Aatma Hatya,lekin us waqt nahin jab mein gambhir and mayoos hoon,kushi aur itminaan ka lamha chunoonga”.

“Zindagi ke hakeeqat to tune hamesha rangeen chasmo se dekha hain”.

After talking all the above nonsense eventually he gives us a surprise leaving Usha in the state of dilemma.

Vinayak Kale (Amrish Puri) and Usha (Smita Patil):

The first encounter of Usha with Vinayak Kale (Amrish Puri) was a rough one in which Vinayak Kale exudes his disrespect towards actresses but later Usha is comfortable being a pampered mistress of Vinayak Kale.The character of Vinayak Kale is filled with masked evil.At the first meeting itself he tries to dominate Usha by showing his disrespect without any fear and later when they are on their way to Vinayak Kale’s palace he says

Vinayak Kale :Woh dekho mera Beta.
Usha:Tumhara Beta ??

Usha:Tumhe muje kabhi bataya nahin…

Vinayak Kale :Usha? Maine tumhe bataya nahin ya tumne mujse poocha nahin… ya ..yeh baat hi nahin nikli..yeh sab mumkin hain


abhi bhi waqt hain. agar tum wapas jana chahti ho to driver tume wapis drop kardega.

After stepping into the house of Vinayak Kale when she comes to know that she cant step outside the house and her life is confined to the palace she approaches for the help of Keshav.The scene in which Keshav comes with the police and takes Usha away from the palace,the scene is shot without any dialogues and the camera is placed at a crazy angle which hardly any other director would attempt to do it but it has a profound impact.

BHUMIKA has high technical values like the Cinematography, large part of the film is shot in Black and White, i have never seen such a wonderful Black and white Cinematography.The Screenplay is the greatest asset of the film which is written by Satyadev Dubey , Shyam Benegal and Girish Karnad for which they won the National Award,the screenplay is simple with some powerful expressions.There is a scene in which Smita Patil faces the Mirror which reminded me of a scene from Wim Wenders ‘Wings of Desire’,i am not trying to say that Wim Wenders copied from BHUMIKA,those are few hints which one could find from a directors work to guess that he is great director.

The above written stuff may be a little exaggerated to many readers but this is something really true which i have witnessed after i watched it for the second time.

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Many years ago we all might have heard about the “Monkey man” who was creating panic.We all were hearing and reading about the monkey man in “Doordarshan” and Daily Newspapers.Now we have a film on the character ‘Monkey man’ as ‘Delhi 6′.

The film tries to exploit the Unity in Diversity with the help of the cultural background of Delhi. “Abhisekh Bachchan” is the grandson of “Waheeda Rehman” who’s last wish is to die in her homeland who are currently living in America.Abhisekh Bachchan takes back her grand mother to Delhi there he gets a warm welcome.The rest of the film is about the unity and hatred between religions over some consequences which take place in the city of Delhi.

‘Rakesh Omprakash Mehra’ uses different themes to project his idea on the screen,he uses the ‘Ramayana’,unity and diversity concept, and of course the ‘Kala Bandar’ which is the heart of this film.The love factor also plays an important part in the film which is filmed between ‘Abhisekh Bachchan’ and ‘Sonam Kapoor’.The cast of the film is filled with big names like Waheeda Rehman , Rishi Kappor,Om Puri,Prem Chopra,Atul Kulkarni etc.,.The first half of the film is dedicated to the introduction of the culture,traditions,brotherhood between Hindu’s and Muslim’s in Delhi.The ending of the first half is infused with a scene in which ‘Abhisekh Bachchan’ jumps on the roofs of houses.(Very much inspired from District B 13 )

The second half of the film is used to disturb the equilibrium of the first part and make it look like a plot which we have never heard before.The second half tries very hard to come out the of the first half.At the end we will be witnessing the win of love,unity of Hindu’s and Muslim’s and a cameo.

For me ‘Delhi 6′ is a very poor film.’Rakesh Omprakash Mehra’ tries to present a different story of unity and diversity of India but eventually fails as the story telling has severe loop holes.The Screenplay leaves us just thinking of the ending scene without allowing us to concentrate on the present ones. Kamlesh Pandey and Prasoon Joshi make you feel disappointed.The entire first half of the film leaves us in very deep contemplation about the plot which eventually turns out nothing.The one thing which i liked most is that the shit shown in Indian TV Channels which is true.

The character ‘Kala Bandar’ looks good in the initial stages of the film but it does not create any good foundation for such a story.I felt confused with the story and the ‘Kala Bandar’ as they hardly have any kind of attachment with each other.We watch ‘Abhisekh Bachchan’ getting slapped three times,we see Sonam Kapoor dancing with a pigeon,the Ramleelas,the mosque’s,the temples, and the ‘Kala Bandar’ concept but none of them works.There are also some cameo appearances by Anu Malik and Javed Akthar.The music in the film is very good but the songs in the films say to us that these are the only moments which you will enjoy.

Amitabh Bachchan makes a special appearance but that doesn’t make the film look good.I felt like i was watching an Iranian film in which the best part is revealed in the end but ‘Delhi 6′ does not come in that category too.The concept of ‘Kala Bandar’ and ‘Mirror’ looks good but they really don’t fit into ‘Delhi 6′.

Rakesh Omprakash Mehra tries to tell a old story in an innovative way but it lack’s soul which is very crucial for such films.The ‘Kala Bandar’ in us fails to ignite the passion.

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I am listing out the best Foreign Films of 2008 which I could lay my hand on.The term “Foreign Films” means Non-English films,they might be even Indian films.

I’ve Loved You So Long

Original Title: Il y a longtemps que je t’aime

“I’ve Loved You So Long ” is a very rare film which we find these days,it reminded me of Ingmar Bergman films. “I’ve Loved You So Long ” is a film which is filled with emotions of a depressed sister who is released from jail,feelings of a younger sister who she used to love when she was a child,pain of Juliette Fontaine which she never exudes.The film wonderfully depicts the sense of alienation with in a women,the difficulties of life,the desperate attempts of Léa Fontaine to make her sister feel the love and affection which she has towards her and Juliette’s encouter with every day life by facing the truth that she has lost the most loved one.Director Philippe Claudel makes a remarkable debut by handling and balancing such a sensitive story.

Waltz with Bashir

Original Title: Vals Im Bashir

“Waltz with Bashir” is a animated film about the experiences of a ex-Israeli soldier from the 1982 Israel-Lebanon War.The film is directed in a semi-documentary style which shows conversations and interrogations of various other people.”Waltz with Bashir ” has some good animation but its heart is in the story which depicts the tradey,massacre and evil.Its not as good as “Persepolis” but definitely one of the best film i have seen from a Israeli.


Original Title: Gomorra

Its been a long time that we have seen good films from Italy.Gomorrah is a film which in which we can find a wonderful marriage between facts and drama.The film is mingled with five stories which depict the illegal activities which took place during a period of time in Italy.The film captures the true essence of mafia,drug business, youth,etc.. in a different way.Its an epic film of the contemporary Italy.Gomorrah also contains the seriousness in it which makes the viewer contemplate about the issues raised in the film.

A Christmas Tale

Original Title: Un conte de Noël

“A Christmas Tale” is a comedy film mixed with drama with a different flavour.This film exhibits the hidden talent of director “Arnaud Desplechin”.The film shows different feelings of different characters,the film flirts with past and present,the plot of the film looks quite simple but its been directed and narrated brilliantly.”A Christmas Tale” is a film which we can watch multiple times without having any complaints.You laugh,you smile,you anticipate and you enjoy when you watch “A Christmas Tale” .

Il Divo

This italian film by Paolo Sorrentino will be called as a masterpiece in the years to come.This biographical film about Italian Prime Minister “Giulio Andreotti” is a wonderful example of story telling.The film hardly gives the true idea of what happened during the tenure of “Giulio Andreotti” but it cleverly reveals many things.

The performance of “Toni Servillo” as Giulio Andreotti is amazing,the character demands a composed acting and Toni Servillo excels in it.The films plot draws its own perimeter but it explores different aspects.The film contains wonderful scenes of trial,the confessions,the voting etc..Its not only a good Biographical film but also a good Trial film.

The Class

Original Title: Entre les murs

The novel is a autobiographical film on François Bégaudeau experiences as a literature teacher.François Bégaudeau himself acted and worked on the screenplay of the film.The film narrates different experiences of a teacher who looks himself as a different human being and the flexibility of being a literature teacher.The beauty of the film lies in its honesty and trying to evolve itself from every scene.”The Class” received the Palme d’Or at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

The Baader Meinhof Complex

At last after many years we have a good german film to watch.”The Baader Meinhof Complex” is the film about the incidents which took place during the Student Revolution in Germany and about the rise of terrorist group “Red Army Faction”.

The film shows the events which shook the whole country,the situation of the german students,the rise and terror created by “Red Army Faction” and the communist ideology.It can be seen as one of the good films which contains student revolution other being Berenardo Bertolucci’s “The Dreamers”.

Let the Right One In

Original Title: Låt den rätte komma

“Let the Right One In” is a vampire romantic film from Sweden directed by Tomas Alfredson.The relationship shown between the vampire and the boy is very fresh.The director’s depiction of evil in the character of Vampire is intriguing.The director creates fear and sympathy towards the girl vampire who has been 12 years for a long time.

The heart warming story between a boy and a girl has never been represented in such a way and wonderful acting by Lina Leandersson.I was very disappointed when Lina Leandersson lost the “Most Promising Performer” award to Dev Patel of “Slumdog Millionaire”.


English Translation: Destination

“Gamaym ” is a telugu Road film directed by debutant Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi(Krish).Gamyam might not be the best film of 2008 from India but it is a very good telugu film,there might be films which are better than gamyam ,as i did find the chance to watch other language films i am including gamyam as one of best foreign films.

Gamyam had low production values,no big stars and new director with a very good story.The film tells about the journey of two guys Abhiram and Gaali Seenu in search of Abhiram’s love.This is a film which tells about acceptance of true love,social issues of our country and Self Discovery.I am sure “Gamyam ” will win at least one National Award

“Premani Preminchina Prema Premakai Preminchina Premani Premistundi”—Mahakavi SRI SRI

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The film starts with this question
Jamal Malik is one question away from winning 20 Million rupees. How did he do it?

A: He cheated
B: He’s lucky
C: He’s genius
D: It is written

Anil Kapoor escorts Dev Patel(Jamal Malik) to the hot seat in the game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” The next scene is where Jamal Malik is brutually interrogated by the police in the suspicion of cheating in the game show.The film escapes into flashbacks,game show and the police interrogation.

Slumdog Millionaire is a clever(not great) adaptation of the book “Q and A” written by Vikas Swarup.The film tells the story of a Mumbai slumboy who rises from rags to riches with the help of the game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” Slumdog Millionaire is a untypical melodrama film which we can hardly find these days.

The flashbacks in the film are related with the questions asked in the game show.Each question of the game show reveals the life of Jamal,his childhood,his bad luck,his love,his adolecense,etc..,.The realtion between Jamal and his brother Saleem, and his sweetheart Latika is wonderful.The way the story develops and the way it swings from the game show to the flashbacks is very good and the important part is the narration of the film which sticks to its target.

A meticulous viewer can find tht “Slumdog Millionaire” consists of all the ingredients which we find in a Bollywood film,it consists of flashbakcs of bad childhood,revenge,love,melodrama,money and the Happy Ending,but unlike the most of our Bollywood films it contains something extra to it and it is the contemplating narration attached to most of part of the film.There are many things which are hard to believe like the English language used by the brothers, Arvind(blind beggar) talking about Benjamin Franklin,cricketer who scored most number of first class centuries ? etc.. The film consists of overdose of few emotions and relations which Jamal shares with the other characters of the film.”Slumdog Millionaire” is at “42” in the IMDb’s list of top 250 films.Is “Slumdog Millionaire” a better film than Kubrick’s “The Shining” and “A Clockwork Orange”, Scorsese’s “Raging Bull” etc.. ?? I don’t think so.

Danny Boyle has done his home work very well when it comes to shooting of the film.The picturisation of the slum in the city like Mumbai,Train sequences,Taj Mahal ,Police Interrogation etc.. shows the true face poor India.He is obviously inspired from “Black Friday” for shooting the Mumbai Slum and the police chase and the other films which inspired Danny Boyle can be found here.The Cinematography of the film by “Anthony Dod Mantle” is amazing and not to forget the background music by A.R.Rahman for which he has won many awards.

One may find many loopholes in “Slumdog Millionaire” but what makes the viewer love “Slumdog Millionaire” is the charm, drama and the Final Impression which it imposes on the viewer and it stays even after the viewer comes out of the theatre.”Slumdog Millionaire” received overwhelming response across the world and got nominated for many awards and looks like it might get nominted for the oscars too.

I felt this question very tricky. “A picture of 3 Lions is seen in the national emblem of India.What is written underneath it?”
A : The Truth Alone Triumphs

B : Lies alone Triumphs

C : Fashion alone Triumphs

D : Money alone Triumphs

To whom the above question is asked?

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