Actors steal the show

The Suit is a perfect representation of psychological abuse on a woman by her loving husband. Bunty and Minna are a couple living happily. One day Bunty discovers the love affair of her wife by the suit left behind by her lover in the house. Bunty insists Minna to keep the suit in the house and treat it like a guest. In the process of treating the guest Bunty emotionally abuses her by making sarcastic comments.

The psychological abuse experienced by Minna finally bursts out and ending their relationship. Bunty uses the suit as a tool for oppression.

The actors are superb. Bunty moves like a fish in water on the stage and steals the show and the looks of Minna are amazing. The Chest slapping scene (Bunty) and when both Bunty and Minna tie cloth to their eyes are mindblowing.

The colour of the lighting, the slim humour, emotional feelings and the oppression in The Suit make it a wonderful play.

Venue:Ravindra Bharathi,Hyderabad.
THE HINDU,Theater Fest 2008,

Originally published on THE HINDU