It is unusual that a James Bond film is released in India before it is released in USA. The 22nd James Bond film does not offer as one may expect after watching “Casino Royale”. “Quantum of Solace” which is like a sequel to “Casino Royale” falls short of expectations.

The film opens with the sound track “Another Way to die” and later followed by a breathtaking Car chase, after the car chase Bond and M interrogate White regarding the organization called “Quantum”. White in reply says that “The first thing you should know about us is that, we have people everywhere.” M’s bodyguard Mitchell turns traitor and shoots at the interrogators allowing White to escape.

Bond eventually kills Mitchell filled with impressive action scenes. The death of Mitchell leads Bond to meet Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric) and Camille (Olga Kurylenko). Dominic Greene a member of the Quantum organization who intends to take control over the Water in Bolivia.

The peculiar about “Quantum of Solace” is that it a sequel to “Casino Royale” and James Bond is here to take vengeance for the death of Vesper Lynd(Eva Green). There is no need for the inclusion of the character ‘RenĂ© Mathis ‘. James Bond travels many countries like Italy, Austria, Haiti, Bolivia, and Egypt which I felt like unnecessary ostentation.

Daniel Craig was again excellent as James Bond.The grunge and ruthless looks of him are amazing and he takes forward his acting skills from “Casino Royale” and as always Judi Dench gives very good performance which shares some emotional feelings with the James Bond. “Olga Kurylenko” does a neat job and if I am not wrong she is the first erstwhile U.S.S.R girl to play this role and the first Bond girl who was not allowed to sleep with James Bond.

The screenplay of the film is just average but it doesn’t get noticed due to some great performences. The plot of the film looks good on the paper but the execution is ordinary and drags itself into unnecessary issues.I really don’t understand why the director is exxagerating the plot which is really unintresting.

I would remember Quantum of Solace for just one reason and that would be the action sequences.The opening car chase,the chase of Craig Mitchell,the fight in a hotel room,the aeroplane scene and the desert scene.In you are a hardcore James Bond fan the breathtaking action sequences will make you feel exited.

The only saving grace of “Quantum of Solace” is the action sequences which are terrific.”Quantum of Solace” should be watched without any expectations then you might not be disappointed.

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