“Two Lovers” stars Joaquin Phoenix(Leonard),Gwyneth Paltrow(Michelle) and Vinessa Shaw(Sandra), it is rumored that this is the last film of Joaquin Phoenix.The news of Joaquin Phoenix retirement from acting has prompted me to watch “Two Lovers”

The film starts with a dramatic scene in which Joaquin Phoenix(Leonard) attempts suicide by jumping into a bay but he is saved by few men and is in no conscious mood to thank the guy who saved his life.

In Dev.D and in many other films we have seen that a man embraces self-destruction when he loses his loved ones.In “Two Lovers” we see the make and break of relationships with a realistic tone attached to it with infatuation,desperation etc.. as its attributes.The kind of self-destruction which i find in the characters is so natural that we don’t call it as self destruction in real life.

Leonard is a person who is emotionally ill as her fiancee leaves him because of the genetic tests results indicate that they cant have healthy children.Leonard is attracted towards a neighbor Michelle,he follows her to get her attention,he dances with her,he spends time with her,he talks to her from his window and also feels that he loves her.The feelings of Leonard are very much obvious and it is very likely that any person who is under desperation and frustration of a broken relationship will act in the same way.When Sandra sees a scar on Leonard’s hand she says that “I wanna take care of you,i kinda understand you,you are different,you don’t pretend something you are not”. Sandra has a lot of love for Leonard which he acknowledges but his infatuation towards Michelle is his priority.Leonard buys a ring for Michelle but eventually he gives it to Sandra

Leonard does not tell about the conversation which he had with Michelle’s boy friend to make Michelle love him,but instead he depends on himself to make her satisfy that he really loves her and also says that “this is not stupid f**king crush,do you think i don’t know love?”.When Michelle and Leonard decide to leave the town he buys two tickets and a ring for her with the money he has.

Leonard and Michelle,the two lovers are very much inclined towards self destruction, Michelle has a boy friend who is married and has children and she still wants to be with him,Leonard prefers Michelle over Sandra even after knowing that Michelle has a boy friend and about the miscarriage of Michelle.Michelle and Sandra share intimacy with Leonard but the difference between them is quite visible to us.Michelle ditches Leonard and she explains the reason “I am not going.He left his family for me…and we are getting married”.

After the rejection by Michelle,Leonard thinks of suicide and goes near the bay where he throws the ring box and therehe recognizes the gloves given by Sandra and he walks back to his apartment and gives the ring to Sandra.If you observe keenly the first scene of the film where Leonard attempts suicide he sees a light when he is in the water and prompts him to come above the water and after that he meets his real love Sandra and even in the end when he thinks of suicide he is saved by the gloves which are given by his true love Sandra.

James Gray who is the director and the co-writer of the film makes a film which reminds us of the old days where romantic drama films revolved around relationships.”Two Lovers” is not a masterpiece by James Gray but definitely a very good film which explores the relationships of true love.

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After quite some time i am listening to the tunes of Yuvan Shankar Raja.The first thing i see when i buy a music CD is the back cover to have a look at the names of singers and lyricists.The first track is sung by Siddharth and it was not a surprise to me and i am very much sure that we will see it a lot more of this in the future,weather we like it or not is an secondary issue.

Oy! Oy! :This song is written by Chandrabose and sung by Siddharth.This song gives a good instigation to the album but it is devoid of a good singer.The song could have been much better if it was sung by a professional singer rather than by Siddharth.The lyrics of this song is a disappointment as it shows the mediocre side of Chandrabose,he uses many of the catchy English words which didn’t impress me.The pace and beat of Oy! Oy! does give you some energy to listen for the next song.

..beach house lo prema devatha,
yellow chudi daar white chunni to doche naa yada..

Oy! Oy! antoo casual ga pilichero,
Oy! Oy! twenty saarlu kalalo kalisero,

Oy! Oy! Empty gunde ninda nilichero.

Oy! Oy!..Oye.Oye…..

Love at First Sight….
Naalo kalige Love at First Sight…

Saradaga :Saradaga track is sung by Karthik and Sunidhi Chauhan.This song is written by ‘Anantha Sriram’ who gives decent words.The composition by Yuvan Shankar Raja is good and shockingly Sunidhi Chauhan’s telugu has improved,she succesfully traslates the tune and her voice so elegantly that we can forget her previous telugu songs.The only thing which i cant digest is bringing Karthik and Sunidhi Chauhan together for a duet.

Waiting For You : Don’t get mislead by the title of the song,it does not contain English lyrics except ‘Waiting for you’ with good lyrics by Vanamaali.We can hear the real K.K in this song.

Anukoledenadu : Shreya Ghoshal is allowed to sing the type of song which she deserves,this solo song which is predominantly a vocal based is totally engineered by voice of Shreya Ghoshal.Vanamaali does not impress me as he writes the same old stereo-type lyrics to this song.

Povodhe Prema: After multiple hearings of ‘Povodhe Prema’ i get the feeling that Yuvan Shankar Raja composed this song for himself.The song is perfect for his voice,during the initial stage of the song he uses the piano and the guitar in the background but later he the guitar and the drums to elevate the pitch of the song.Vanamaali’s beautiful lyrics are like these…

Nannu Vadili Needa Vellipotunda…

Kannu Vadili Choopu Vellipotunda..

Vekuvane Sandhya valipotunde..

Chikatilo Udayam undi Poyinde..


Nuvvunte Nenunta Prema..
Povadhe Povadhe Prema..

Seheri: This is the last track of ‘Oy!’ sung by Toshi and Priya.I guess this song is deliberately placed in the end of the album as to lift our spirits.If i am not wrong the lyrics are provided by Surendra Krishna and Krishna Chaitanya which contain some amount of rap in it.

The CD of ‘Oy!’ is worth its money but don’t expect much.Though ‘Oy!’ does not come any near to Yuvan Shankar Raja’s best works but definitely a good oneand i am sure that you will not be disappointed after buying the CD.

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Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Don’ was madeinto Telugu and Tamil by legends N.T.Rama Rao and Rajni Kanth, recently it was again made in Tamil by Ajith as ‘Billa’ and now in telugu we see it again as BILLA starring Prabhas. From the above mentioned facts it’s clear that the script of DON by ‘Salim-Javed’ doesn’t grow by time and is acceptable by any generation.

Prabhas looks apt for the role of a Don in BILLA and the only one in Telugu Film Industry who can this role. Looks like Meher Ramesh is inspired by Farhan Akthar’s DON rather than original one. Most of BILLA is directed in Malaysia and many scenes are quite similar to Farhan Akthar’s DON.

We have an introduction scene of Prabhas where he carries a suitcase which is in slow motion, even after the introduction scene we see many slow motion scenes and the adjective behind them is quite understandable. Prabhas(Billa) is very fond of Sun Glasses and always likes to wear them and if he doesn’t have one, he picks it from his body guard. The six-pack body of Prabhas is illustrated in the film and even during the six pack scene we see sun glasses on Prabhas eyes. 

In Billa we can watch many Mirrors being broken, lot of bullets being shot and only one hits the target, Cars being blown up and fly into the air, Polices bikes and Cars perform Circus stunts, small exhibition of guns ,A Ferrari is thrown into a lake , etc…

Prabhas who carried some flavor of originality in his previous film ‘Bujjigadu’ does try to make his impression and succeeds in making it but it’s the character and the slang of ‘Bujjigadu’ helps him rather than the character of Billa. Meher Ramesh added some comedy in the film and Prabhas is very good at the execution of the comedy which is some sought of relief. Krishnam Raju makes an OK kind of justification to his role as a police officer and the twists in the film are not hidden very well.

The plot and the characters are well known and the direction of Meher Ramesh is mediocre as he could not totally understand the essence of Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Don’. The fights do not come at the right time and are tedious and the songs are just a vanilla flavor addition to the film. The music of Mani Sharma is disappointing. Namita and Anushka are character fillers and surprisingly we see Prabhas taking about the excess weight of Namita in the film.

There are two very good and genuine scenes in BILLA apart from that BILLA is an average film, the one guy who gains from BILLA is Prabhas for his comic sense and he is only one who can fit into the character.

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Why does the contemporary youth of India love Dev.D?

In Notting Hill (1999) Julia Roberts asks Hugh Grant “What is it about men and nudity, huh?” .Well…there is hardly any relation between ‘Notting Hill’ and ‘Dev.D. ‘Why does the contemporary youth of India love Dev.D? It’s an easy and tough question, depends how we perceive it.

The novel which made ‘Dilip Kumar’ a big hero and has shown ‘Akkineni Nageshwara Rao’ an illustrious career, supported ‘Shah Rukh Khan’s’ rejuvenation, is now helping Abhay Deol and Independent Cinema of India. The film starts with a beautiful scene between young Dev and Paro where we are provided with a hint for their characters. Dev (The Dude) leaves for London for his studies but still maintains his love with Paro (Chhamak Challo). Anurag Kashyap doesn’t waste any time in conveying his idea on ‘Devdas’, in the first few minutes of the film itself we are shown Dev asking Paro ‘Do you touch yourself?’ and after that we are again looking at an unusual scene in which Paro faces some trouble getting her photo scanned which she at last sends it to Dev and Dev says “Paro mein a raha hoon”.

The scene in which Paro takes a mattress into a sugarcane field in the early morning so that she can have a good time with Dev, but Dev refuses and we see how her hopes and dreams are shattered and later she shows her frustration on the water pump symbolically, this is one of the best scenes in the film and many might see it with a obvious angle but for me it shows the true love of Paro towards Dev and at what level she has imagined Dev all these years.

The character of ‘Chanda’ is totally different when compared toother films on ‘Devdas’. It’s a character which cannot be easily digested by everyone. A College girl turned into a prostitute with a sad background attached to it. This Chanda is an ultra modern prostitute where she has sex chat on phone with her linguistic skills, rides a bike; the brothel house accepts credit cards and some of the visitors even carry the HIV test results. 

We see neon lights, Vodka, smoke, bizarre paintings, etc…; Anurag Kashyap breaks all the stereo types’ rules of Bollywood and makes his own film without compromising on many issues. The characters in the film are well written, one may or may not attach themselves with the characters but the way they have been treated is compelling. Amit Trivedi soundtrack and background music is amazing, the composition of every song is different and makes us sing while it’s being played in the film. We even see three balladers dancing in the club for the song ‘O Pardesi’ which is one of my favorite song it starts with the strings of Veena (or Sitar??).

The first half makes a very good impression because of its characters and its unimaginable imagination of Anurag Kashyap. The second half of the film is slightly deviated and could not make a perfect contact with me. It looks like its flirting with its logic and emotions without seriously thinking of evolving out of itself from the first half. The second half lacks the basic eccentricity of the first half but it does not totally disappoint me. The clairvoyance of the viewer gets a beating when Paro visits the room of Dev, if I am not wrong everyone might be thinking of something to happen but eventually turns out to be the other way. The most charming scene of the film for me is when Dev says to Chanda ‘I Love you too you know’ and Chanda says ‘You are such a slut’.

Anurag Kashyap makes Dev.D a special film with in its own limits. The treatment of characters by Anurag Kashyap is filled with honesty. I did not find any compromise formulae for the treatment of characters. Every character has the right to do anything on the screen. The audacity of Anurag Kashyap can be seen very clearly with his wildest and tricky imagination which pulls us into the state of continuous ponder.The film is narrated with the help of songs which is untypical in Bollywood, actually the songs fast forward the film up to 10 minutes. I would remember Dev.D for Anurag Kashyap’s honesty and audacity.

Dev.D is loved by many people, but Gulzar sir gives his point of view about why Dev.D is liked by many of us.How many of us really like or love Dev.D for that reason is an interesting question.

I came to know about the Spanish Film Festival through THE HINDU.I was excited and planned to watch every film but due to some reasons I missed couple of films. The films I could manage to watch were “13 Roses”, “Fermat’s Room”, “The Seven Billiards” and “The Oxford Murders”. As I being a big fan of ‘Pedro Almodovar ‘and ‘Guillermo del Toro’ I have good interest and respect for Spanish films.

13 Roses
Original title: Las 13 Rosas
13 Roses is a different film based on the Spanish Civil War. The Spanish Civil Waris used as a background and basis for different Spanish films like Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ and ‘The Devils Backbone’ etc… But ’13 Roses’ is a unique film which honestly deals with the Spanish Civil War. The film is about the 13 women who are arrested for being rebels of the Spanish Military Rule.

The first hour of the film is very good; the director shows the essence of a revolt within the younger generation, the different plans, meetings, love, investigations, interrogations, etc…. There are some very good moments in the later part of the film like the ones where the catholic guard sympathy with the women, the letter of a mother to her child saying that ‘She was always right’, A father eventually says that he loves his daughter etc..

I felt that most of the second half is slightly disconnected from the audience but in the end it’s a good film with honesty and dignity.

Fermat’s Room
Original title: La Habitación de Fermat
Fermat’s Room is one the best thriller’s I have seen in the recent past. The film is about four mathematicians who are trapped in a room, the room shrinks with time and how they come out from the room.

The plot of the film looks simple to hear but the way in which the director takes the film forward is amazing. As the four mathematicians are trapped in the room which shrinks with time, to stop the room from shrinking is to solve the puzzles given to them by an anonymous person through the PDA. Most of the puzzles are familiar to us and the story gets more complicated as the film proceeds. Even though the director is confined to a single room for most part of the film he manages us to drag us to the edge of our seats, he makes us feel that we are in that room and encountering that situation and we get engaged in every frame of the film.

Fermat’s Room is filled with instant energy which does not allow the viewer to even relax for a second. There are few things which are left out in the film but Fermat’s Room is nothing less than a perfect thriller as it has best combination of suspense, thrill and energy.

The Seven Billiards
Original Title: Siete mesas de billar francés
When I heard the title of the film for the first time I expected it to be a sports film but eventually turn out to be film which I am unable to fit in any genre. Gracia Querejeta’s ‘The Seven Billiards’ is an excellent film for those who like watching films which come straight from the heart of a filmmaker.

‘The Seven Billiards’ is mainly about women and their lives. Angela played by Maribel Verdú has lost her father and at the same time she breaks up with her husband and then decides to re-open the ‘Billiards Parlour’ which was owned by her father. Charo played by Blanca Portillo used to live with Angela’s father and has some problems in her life which she can’t ignore them. For me ‘The Seven Billiards’ was a comedy film as almost every dialogue is filled with humor.

The characters of this film are perfect and we can hardly find these types of characters in any other film. The son of ‘Angela’ is a character which will be remembered for many days, the character is filled with humor, emotion and innocence. I could not stop laughing when he used to ask Charo ‘Did you kill him?’ .The scene in which ‘Charo’ and ‘Angela’ have dinner which was pre arranged by Angela’s father after his death on the occasion of Charo’s birthday is amazing. The One-Eyed Man character and his confrontation with the painter and almost every character in the film is filled with originality. The film can be seen as a melodramatic one as it combines all the elements of human emotion connecting it to every character.

If anyone does not laugh or even smile while watching this film I can confirm that even Nitrous oxide (Laughing Gas) cannot make them laugh.

The Oxford Murders

‘The Oxford Murders’ is a mystery film which deals with the sequence of murders. The film stars Elijah Wood, John Hurt and Leonor Watling. The film is directed by ‘Álex de la Iglesia’.

“There is nothing like Absolute Reality.”

Martin (Elijah Wood) is a student who wants Arthur Seldom (John Hurt) as his supervisor at the Oxford University and he stays in an old women’s house who is first murdered and the first one in the sequence of murders. Accidentally Arthur Seldom and Martin get involved in this murder mystery and continue to solve this mystery with the help of their mathematical knowledge as one murder is linked to the other with a mathematical symbol. The film sometimes takes itself so seriously that the audience gets disconnected with the plot and wants to jump to the next scene. Leonor Watling character provides some distraction and some relief. The best shot scene is the one which takes just before/after the murder where the camera continuously moves from one end to other and includes all the pivotal characters.

‘The Oxford Murders ‘ could have been a much better film but it loses itself in its plot and logic but finally makes a good impression on the audience.

“FAKE is Absolute Reality.”

The films which were screened were good and i enjoyed the Spanish Film Festival and eagerly waiting for the next year.

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Whenever i watch a movie with my friends in a DVD player,laptop or in a PC something intresting comes for us to discuss as we have the liberty to pause while watching the movie,the discussions which we have range from casual conversations to high degree altercations.Sometimes i wonder,how many interjections and perceptions can be drawn from a single movie.

Yesterday i was watching a Telugu film BOMMARILLU with some of my friends and one of them was a Bengali who hardly speaks telugu,after watching he said that to me “the best film i have seen in the recent past”.BOMMARILLU without any doubt breaks the boundary of language .In this article i am not writing a review of BOMMARILLU instead i am trying to point some unfortunate side effects of the film.Curiosity in me asked to search articles on BOMMARILLU in PFC and surprisingly i did not find any article and my thought of writing an article on BOMMARILLU started to take a shape.BOMMARILLU lovers may hate this article,if you guys feel that you might be offended then DO NOT PROCEED.

Every telugu guy and girl LOVE BOMMARILLU and its very much possible that most of the parents HATE BOMMARILLU for obvious reasons.The heart and core of BOMMARILLU is the relationship between a father and his son played Prakash Raj (Aravind) and Siddharth Narayan (Siddu) respectively,Genelia D’Souza (Hasini) plays the love interest of Siddu.

The character ‘Siddu’ looks slightly complicated when we observe it meticulously but trying to understand the directors point of view is very important,Siddu is provided with all the resources but at the cost of his fathers taste.As we see in the film that every decision,even the decision of his marriage is taken by his father.and as Siddu does not have the freedom of expression he is obviously not happy happy with his father but he does not hate his father because Siddu is aware of the fact that even though he is not allowed to chose anything in his life but his father is trying to give him the best without considering his son’s opinions.Apart from the fear which he has towards his father,Siddu has the audacity in him to tell his father about his girl friend and eventually makes her stay in his house for one week and Siddu is concious that he is engaged to another girl.Siddu could have eloped with Hasini but he didn’t because he has some amount of confidence somewhere in his heart and some RESPECT towards his father.

The character ‘Hasini’ which is loved and adored by almost everyone who have seen BOMMARILLU and it is not as simple as it seems to be. Hasini is a Happy-go-Lucky girl and likes to mingle with everyone.The greatest ingredient which Hasini possess is Innocence which has been wonderfully played by Genelia D’Souza.When Hasini comes to know that Siddu is engaged to another women she does not accept him directly but instead she has her own doubts in her mind about Siddu and when she is aware of the fact that Siddu is not accepting her as she used to be in the later part of the film she very explicitly and painfully rejects Siddu , Hasini is not only innocent but an Intelligent girl too and takes the right decisions at the right time.Innocence does not strictly mean that its the hybrid of childish and cool nature.Hasini is not a DUMB girl in BOMMARILLU ,but a girl who likes to her herself who does not want to be a artificial girl.

Both ‘Hasini’ and ‘Siddu’ respect their fathers and are very aware and concious of the situations.


Side Effects on BOYS:
# Eight out of Ten (8 out of 10) guys say that their father is like Prakash Raj (Aravind) which i don’t think its true.
# If a guy is not provided with a bike he tells his friends that his father is like Prakash Raj (Aravind).
# If a father asks his son to join a job rather than studying M.S in U.S.A he accuses him to be BOMMARILLU father without even thinking of the financial situation.

Side Effects on GIRLS:
# Most of the girls after watching BOMMARILLU are trying to wear the same type of costumes,bands,etc… like Hasini , which makes me feel ‘how can these girls have such a bad dressing sense’.
# Some girls who hardly used to talk have started talking a lot.Sometimes i wonder ‘What the hell is she talking?’
# Some girls are trying to exude innocence which they don’t have and they make fool of themselves.
# ‘Hasini’ likes to be natural and hates to be artificial,but most of the girls are leaving their natural presence and are trying to be artificial by emulating ‘Hasini’.Whenever i see such a women i feel that ‘Why is she making a JACKASS of herself’?.

Even after almost 1000 days of its release,the film BOMMARILLU makes me feel that it is released yesterday .Many say that script is the real hero for a successful film,in BOMMARILLU apart from the wonderful script we feel the freshness in the narration and direction.The honesty in the film is also an important aspect as it touches all the emotional structures of a family and an individual without any compromise formula.After BOMMARILLU got released in telugu it was made in Tamil,Bengali and Oriya due to my convictions i did not watch any of the other versions and i am now eagerly waiting to watch it as ‘It’s My Life’ starring ‘Harman Baweja’ and ‘Genelia D’Souza’.

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